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Frequently asked Questions and their Answers

On the following pages you find a collection of frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. They are divided in several sections.

CodeMeter Runtime Environment

On this page you find common questions on installing and using CodeMeter.


Before you start reading the questions about applications, you should check if your CodeMeter system is installed and configured properly.

CodeMeter installed properly?

If you can answer the following questions with "yes", your CodeMeter system seems to be installed and configured properly:

  1. Is CodeMeter Runtime Server running on your computer? It is running if
  2. If you start the WebAdmin a webpage with an overview of the attached CmSticks is shown? To start the WebAdmin
  3. Is the attached CmStick listed within the WebAdmin? You can see an overview of the CmStick containing e.g. name and hardware version.

If you could not answer all these questions with "yes", please check whether you have passed all steps of the installation without errors and take a look on the

Common questions on CodeMeter.

If you answered all questions with "yes", please take a look on the following pages:

Bundlesoftware (included for free)