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Technical Support

Before you contact us, please ensure that your question is not answered on these support pages. Most of the problems and questions are already answered on our FAQ pages.

Current Version

It is always recommended to use the current version of the CodeMeter Runtime Kit. Please check if you are already using the current version. Maybe, your problem is solved by installing the current version.


If your problem persists, please run the current version of our support tool CmDust send us the results:


If your problem persists, don't hesitate to contact us:

CodeMeter Webshop

If you have problems with your shopping in the CodeMeter WebShop, e.g. no delivery, damaged packages please contact our sales team by e-mail to sales@codemeter.com.

For cancellation or changes of an order, e.g. change of payment please contact our partner cleverbridge. All contact data can be found on http://www.cleverbridge.com/?scope=cuseco.

If any problem occurs during the license transfer please contact our support staff via e-mail to support@codemeter.com. Please refer to the invoice number of your order.