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CodeMeter Help

On these pages you find a lot of informations about CodeMeter. Starting with an overview about CodeMeter in general, an introduction how to use it on your computer up to frequently asked question and how to get support on CodeMeter.


You have heard of CodeMeter or read about CodeMeter on a software vendor's site? Now you want to know, what is CodeMeter?

What is "CodeMeter Runtime Server" or a "CmStick"? Here you find a listing of the terms of CodeMeter.

The time handling of CodeMeter and why we need the Timeservers in the internet is described in the section CodeMeter and the Time.

Here you find a detailed description of the usage of CodeMeter Passwords.

Detailed informations about CodeMeter can also be obtained from the online help which is installed with your CodeMeter Runtime Kit.


What you have to attend during installation, the system requirements, all these informations can be found on the installation pages.


After you have installed the software, please register your CmStick now on my.codemeter.com to be able to lock your CmStick in case of loss.

Buying Software

How and where can I buy software for CodeMeter? A brief description of the shopping with CodeMeter can be found on the Webshop pages.

Frequently asked Questions and their Answers

The answers to frequently asked questions can be found in this area. If you have a problem with your CmStick, please check out our FAQ to see if it is listed there.

Individual Support

In the case all the informations on these pages could not answer your questions, feel free to contact us. The different possibilities to contact us are listed on the contact page