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What is CodeMeter?

CodeMeter is a license and digital rights management system with secure online shopping of licenses. The licenses are stored in the hardware, the CmStick, and are needed to be able to start the applications.

In contrast to conventional hardware based license management systems you are now able to store a lot of different licenses in one CmStick. So the user only needs to buy the hardware once.

Licenses in a CmStick are not bound to a special computer. Therefore the application can (and is allowed to) be used on several computers.

CodeMeter protected applications are cheaper than appplications without CodeMeter protection. Since the software vendor is sure that the application can not be used in an unauthorized way, he gives you a discount. Therefore the investment in the hardware is charged off after a short time.

Included Software

If you have any CmStick you can use the below listed products without charge. You find the software on the CD that comes with the CmStick or online for download on my.codemeter.com.

CM Password Manager
The CM Password Manager stores your personal data like passwords, PINs and TANs. They are stored safely inside the CmStick.
SecuriKey Lite
SecuriKey Lite works as a key for your computer (system requirement Windows 2000 or Windows XP). You can only logon if the CmStick is plugged in. As soon as you plug out the CmStick the computer is locked.
Steganos Safe Lite
With Steganos Safe Lite (system requirement Windows) you can store data encrypted in a safe that holds up to 128MB. If the CmStick is plugged in you can access the data in a virtual drive without any restriction. As soon as you plug out the CmStick the safe optionally is closed.