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CM Password Manager

CM Password Manager can automatically fill in the passwords which you must enter for the login of web sites. Also you can "learn" the login information from the form, i.e. the data will be read out directly from the form of the web site and stored in the CmStick. This functionality is available on Windows for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape, on Mac OS X for Safari and Firefox and on Linux operating systems for Firefox. The advantage about the own password management of the browsers, beside the secure storage of your data in the CmStick, is that your accounts are now independent from a specific browser. Also you have the possiblity to store more than one account for one web site. The CM Password Manager can also be installed to the flash drive of a CmStick/M for portable usage on Windows systems. Here you can find a tutorial that explains how to set up the CM Password Manager for portable usage.

System requirements

Operating system

Multiplatform usage

Besides the Windows implementation of the CM Password Manager there is also a version for Macintosh und Linux operating systems. Please note that the CM Password Manager plugin must be installed for the usage within the Firefox browser all operating systems. An installation guide can be found here.


The CM Password Manager can be installed directly via the CodeMeter User CD. The latest version of the CM Password Manager and the CodeMeter Runtime is available at www.codemeter.com.

On Windows operating systems the setup routine can be executed via double-click. Just follow the setup instructions.

For Mac OS the CM Password Manager comes with the CodeMeter Runtime environment.

For Linux there are different packages that can be installed via the common tools.


Below please find some tutorials that explain the CM Password Manager usage:

Settings of the CM Password Manager

How to generate secure passwords

Learning and completion of Web sites

Automatic fill in with Firefox

The CM Password Manager utility

Creating Backups / Copying CM Password Manager entries on another CmStick

The portable CM Password Manager and the portable Firefox Browser

Learning and completion of Windows Dialogs

Answers on other questions can be found in the CM Password Manager FAQ