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Creating Backups / Copying CM Password Manager entries on another CmStick

This guide explains how to copy the CM Password Manager data to another CmStick:

  1. Connect the source CmStick to your computer.

  2. Now open the CM Password Manager utility and create a new database file via Transfer CM Password Manager database file to CmStick. You can enter a password for this backup file. This password is required and will be asked when the the data is restored. If you leave the password input empty no password will be required to use this backup file.

  3. Now please confirm the following instruction hint.

  4. When the backup file was generated you can now remove this CmStick from your computer.

  5. Connect the target CmStick to your computer.

    Hint: If you transfer the backup into a CmStick that already contains a CM Password Manager entry this data will be overwritten.

  6. Now open the CM Password Manager utility again and tranfer the backup file into your CmStick via Transfer CM Password Manager data into CmStick. If a password for this backup file was set you are now prompted to enter the password.

  7. After the database file was transfered into your CmStick the following message will appear:

The transmission is now finished. Please note that the data still remains on your source CmStick. befinden. To delete this data use the CM Password Manager Utility

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