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Learning and completion of Web sites

Hint: The automatic fill in and completion feature for Web sites can be used on MS Windows for the FireFox up to version 2.x and Internet Explorer up to version 7. Linux supports this feature for the FireFox browser 2.x. On Mac OS this feature is implemented from version 3.20 in the Safari browser; this version will be available soon.

To learn and to complete Web sites in the Internet Explorer or in the FireFox browser automatically the specific browser extension is required. A installation guide for the FireFox PlugIn is available here. For Linux operating systems please download and install the PlugIn here.

On Linux the CM Password Manager must be running to learn and complete Web sites.

To use the CM Password Manager in the Internet Explorer no additional AddOn is needed. This AddOn will be installed automatically during the CM Password Manager setup.

The CM Password Managers ability is to learn and complete passwords for Web sites automatically when the data was saved into the CmStick. Once the data was learned it will be transfered automatically the next time.

The benedit in comparison with a browser password management system is besides the high security improvement and portable useability the independency of a specific browser. Additionally the CM Password Manager can handle multiple passwords and logins for one Web site.

Hint: To learn a Web site the CM Password Manager must be started one-time after the installation. This will generate a new CM Password Manager entry into your CmStick that holds all your passwords encrypted.

This guide explains how to learn Web formulars:

  1. Connect your CmStick to your computer.
  2. Now open your Web browser and open the Web site to learn. Since this page is not known by the CM Password Manager the input fields will be dyed yellow:

  3. Now proceed as normal and enter the login data and login.

  4. The CM Password Manager asks now if this Web site is supposed to be learned:

    The following options are available:

  5. Afterwards you are asked to enter the CodeMeter password. A new entry within a category "Web Form". Currently these entries cannot be moved to another category.

  6. The next time the Web site will be filled with the login data:

Relearning of Web sites

If the login data is changed for a Web Form that is known by the CM Password Manager the following dialog will appear:

Now you can

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