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The portable CM Password Manager and the portable FireFox Browser

Hint: To use this feature a CmStick/M is required.

A CmStick/M (with flash memory) can be purchased at the CodeMeter shop


All required files are included in a zip-archive that can be downloaded at the CodeMeter-Shop. Download the file "Portable Firefox with integrated CM Password Manager".

Installation guide

To install the portable CM Password Manager and the portable FireFox browser please follow these instructions:

Hint: Please ensure that the version of your local installed CM Password Manager is equal to the portable CM Password Manager. The reason it that the internal format of the CM Password Manager data should be identical to prevent format differences and converting issues.

The portable Firefox is a variant that was optimized for portable usage on USB sticks and is available for free at http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/browsers/portable_firefox

Assistance for the portable FireFox browser can be engaged on http://www.firefox-browser.de/forum/.

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