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The CM Password Manager Utility

This utility displays some important informationen about the current CM Password Manager setup and configuration. It also offers some helpful management functions. Afterwards the utility can be started via the start menu Start - Programs - CM Password Manager Utility.

Hint: To use this utility your CmStick must be connected to your computer. Your CmStick must also be enabled via the CodeMeter Control Center (green CodeMeter Icon).

The following operations can be arranged:

Erase CM Password Manager Data from CmStick
This operation will delete all CM Password Manager data from your CmStick. This is necessary before a backup is restored into your CmStick via the CodeMeter WebAdmin or the CM Password Manager utility.
Transfer CM Password Manager database file into CmStick
This will transfer a database file (backup) into your CmStick that was created by this utility.
Save CM Password Manager data into database file
Hereby you can transfer all CM Password Manager content into a database file (backup). This is suggestive if you want to transfer the CM Password Manager data to another CmStick or simply to backup your data. You can enter a password for this backup file. This password is required and will be asked when the the data is restored. If you leave the password input empty no password will be required to use this backup file.

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