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Learning and completion of Windows Dialogs

This tutorial describes how to learn and fill in Windows Dialogs with the CM Password Manager.

Hint: Learning and completion of Windows Dialogs is implemented in the CM Password Manager from version 3.20 that is available for download here. Please also install the latest version of the CodeMeter Runtime Kit that is also available for download.
  1. The completion and learning of Windows Dialogs works only when the CM Password Manager is running.

  2. Create an new entry within a category "Windows Dialog" und give a name and a description for this entry.

  3. Open the dialog to learn and enter the password.

  4. Now use the magnifier in the edit mode of the entry in the CM Password Manager. You can reach the edit mode either by double-clicking on the entry or by clicking on the button "Edit".

  5. Press the magnifier (hold the left mouse button) and select the dialog to learn. The dialog will be framed. Now release the mouse button.

  6. The CM Password Manager asks if the dialog should be learned. Confirm this question.

  7. Now store the new entry in you CmStick via the button "Save".

  8. The dialog will be filled in the next time. Please note that the CM Password Manager must be running. It is recommended to open only the main window of the CM Password Manager since other input dialogs would interfere the dialog detection. Other applications may be running also during the completion of dialogs.

  9. Since the CM Password Manager detects the dialog to complete with the process name a selection box will appear once multiple entries exist for an application. Example: If multiple passwords for PDF documents are stored in the CM Password Manager a selection box will appear that allows to pic the particular entry. The reason is that the process name (e.g. Acrobat Reader) is referenced for several entries.

    If a dialog cannot be learned there will be no password entry below the name, the description and the process name of the entry in the edit mode. This can be limited by the structure or the type of dialog elements that are not recognized by the CM Password Manager. Please inform us about this and provide us the name and the version of the application. Please also create a CmDust-Log and attach this file to your request. For further information click here.

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