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Installation on Windows

1. Step: Installation of the Runtime Environment


Insert the CodeMeter CD-ROM into your CD drive. If the installation does not start automatically, start the program "cm_user_start.exe" directly from CD. Follow the instructions of the installer.

From Internet

Download the current version of the CodeMeter Runtime Kit for Windows. Doubleclick downloaded file "CmRuntimeUser32.exe" or CodeMeterRuntime64.zip (for x64 operating systems) which starts the installation. Follow the instructions of the installer.

2. Step: First Plug In of a CmStick

Plug in your CmStick into a free USB port on your PC. The CmStick will lighten red and green for some seconds. The system tells you that a new device was found (USB Mass Storage Device), which can be found as new drive (see Remark) in the Windows Explorer. If you have a CmStick/M you can store data on it.

Remark: Also CmSticks without memory are shown as an additional device, although you can not store any data on it! All data that are dragged on such a drive are lost when the CM-Sick is plugged out.

The CodeMeter Runtime Server is automatically started. In the CodeMeter Control Center, which can be opened by clicking on the CodeMeter tray icon or via Start - Programs - CodeMeter - CodeMeter Control Center, you can see the serial number of your CmStick.

Remark: When you receive your new CmStick this password is CodeMeter. Please change this default password to an individual one using the CodeMeter Control Center now. This password is your personal password for a certain CmStick. You should ensure that only you know this password.

Congratulations! Your CmStick is now ready to use and the installation of the runtime environment is finished. Register your CmStick now on my.codemeter.com to be able to lock your CmStick in case of loss.

Installation of other software packages