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SecuriKey Lite

The CodeMeter Runtime environment has to be installed.

With SecuriKey Lite you can use your CmStick as a key for your computer. Additionally to user and password you now need your CmStick to logon to your computer. Nobody else can logon to your computer.

System Requirements

Operating System

Remark: Please note that the current version of SecuriKey Lite is not running on Windows Vista or Windows XP 64-bit.


You can install SecuriKey Lite directly in the menu of the CD. You also can download the current version on my.codemeter.com and install the downloaded version by doubleclick. Follow the instructions of the installer.


After the installation the program starts with a wizard that explains the functionality and asks you to insert the CmStick. The setting can be changed later. For changing the configuration use the "SecuriKey-Protection-Manager", which can be reached using "Start" - "All Programs" - "Griffin Technologies".

SecuriKey Profile

The usage of the Safe-Mode blocker increases the security. Please enable this option only after you have activated and tested the authentication.

SecuriKey Activation

If you activate the SecuriKey authentication, you need your CmStick to logon to your computer in the future.

SecuriKey Locked