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Steganos Safe Lite

System Requirements

Operating System

Remark: Please note that the current version of Steganos Safe Lite is not running on Windows Vista.


The CodeMeter Runtime environment has to be installed.

You can install Steganos Safe Lite directly in the menu of the CD. You also can download the current version on my.codemeter.com and install the downloaded version by doubleclick. Follow the instructions of the installer.


After the installation start the program using "Start" - "All Programs" - "Steganos Safe Lite" - "Steganos Safe Lite". Now you can create your encrypted and protected drive.

The program has an excellent online help. Steganos Safe Lite stores the password for the safe secure inside the CM-Stick.

Per default the safe will open automatically, when you plug in your CM-Stick and will close, when you plug it out.