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Remark: You need Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 with ActiveX and JavaScript activated and of course access to the internet to be able to buy software online.
Unfortunately online-shopping of CodeMeter protected products is only possible on Windows. Of course the bought licenses can be used on all supported operating systems.

Step-by-step Guide for Online Shopping

Please follow the instructions accurately to ensure a successful transfer of the license into your CmStick.

  1. The CmStick has to be plugged into your computer. Please respect the above mentioned requirements about operating system and internet browser!
  2. Choose the product you want to buy at www.codemeter.com and add it to your shopping cart.
  3. After you have added all products you want to buy to your shopping cart, click "Proceed". Optionally you can order a backup CD for an additional fee. You need to specify your postal address.
  4. On the next page new customers need to insert the complete address. This has to be done only once. If you have bought something before in the CodeMeter WebShop, you can insert your account. Please check if your data is still valid.
  5. On the next page choose the kind of payment. Here you can optionally insert a vouchercode if you have one
  6. Please read the Terms and Conditions "TAC" and Right of Rerocation "ROR" and check the boxes. Now click on the button "Pay now".
  7. After your payment was accepted you see all your order details. Additionally you get an e-mail with a link to the download page and an e-mail with your order confirmation.
  8. On the next page you can choose the product and your CmStick (e.g. 1-1000200). If you find a "0" in the listbox, your CmStick was not properly detected. This can have several causes, e.g. In these cases you find assistance on our FAQ pages.
  9. If the CmStick was found, you can start the transfer of the license by clicking the "Transfer" button. After the successful transfer you get a message. If you have purchased more than one product, please repeat this step for the other licenses.

Please notice that a license of a product can only be stored once on one CmStick. You can not store more than one license of the same product on one CmStick, besides the software vendor has specified it.

If you have any problems please contact the CodeMeter Support.