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CodeMeter Terms

The term CodeMeter stands for an innovative license and digital rights management system using current encryption technology. Please read the general introduction for a detailed description.
The CmStick is the hardware of the CodeMeter system. There is a chip built in that holds the licenses of the CodeMeter System. This chip contains several encryption algorithms which ensure a secure online shopping and a secure protection of the software.
The CmStick has, in contrast to the CmStick/M, no flash memory. Therefore you can store licenses and data only using the built-in interface. Even if the CmStick appears as drive on your system, you can not store data on it.
Technical specification
The CmStick/M contains additionally to the CodeMeter functionality some flash memory. So you can store data on it like a normal USB memory stick, of course with additional CodeMeter functionality.
Technical specification
CmStick Password
The CmStick Password is your individual password which is needed to authorize writing operations, enabling or disabling. You can change this password at any time. An exhaustive description about CodeMeter and the passwords can be found here.
CmStick Master-Password
The Master-Password is needed to reset the CmStick Password, e.g. when you have forgotten the CmStick Password. The Master-Password is a sequence of eleven groups each with five characters. An exhaustive description about CodeMeter and the passwords can be found here.
CodeMeter Control Center
The CodeMeter Control Center is the interface between the user and the CodeMeter Runtime Server. It allows you to configure the attached CmSticks, e.g. change password or update the firmware. The CodeMeter Control Center has to be started if an application like CM Password Manager requests the input of the CodeMeter Password. On Windows the CodeMeter Control Center is started automatically when the user logs on. It can be found in the tray icon next to the clock.
CodeMeter Runtime Server
The CodeMeter Runtime Server coordinates all operations inbetween software and the hardware. If you want to use the CodeMeter functionality of a CmStick, a running CodeMeter Runtime Server is needed. The CodeMeter Runtime Server is installed as a service or daemon by the installation program is always running. The CodeMeter Runtime Server can be restarted using the service manager or the CodeMeter Control Center.
The CodeMeter Web Administrator (WebAdmin) allows you an easy view on the CodeMeter system. Additionally you have a lot configuration possibilities. The WebAdmin is implemented as webserver and is available, when the CodeMeter Runtime Server is running. By default the WebAdmin can also be reached from other computers.
CodeMeter Timeservers are allocated all over the world and provide a certified time. Therefore the CodeMeter system has the possibility to receive a certified time and to use it.