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CodeMeter and the Time

There are stored several times on each CmStick. They guarantee a regular and safe use of time restricted software licenses. The meaning of the different times and their behaviour are described on this page. The current times of your CmStick can be found in the WebAdmin on the page Contents.

Certified Time
The Certified Time can only be changed by a time update from one of the CodeMeter Timeservers.
Box Time
The Box Time stores the current time in the CmStick and is periodically updated in the CmStick by the CodeMeter Runtime Server. On plugging in the CmStick the Box Time is synchronised with the computer time if the Box Time is older than the computer time. On an update of the Certified Time the Box Time is set to the value of the Certified Time.
System Time
The System Time is based on the Box Time and permanently increased by the CodeMeter Runtime Server. Therefore the Server Time is always up-to-date and is used for checking time-restricted licenses.
The Timeservers are worldwide distributed computers of WIBU-SYSTEMS that provide a Certified Time for the CodeMeter system. This enables CodeMeter to have a reliable time without having a real clock inside the CmStick itself.

Automatic Update of the Certified Time

Due to security reasons a Certified Time not older than seven days is necessary to be able to transfer a license over the internet (e.g. from the CodeMeter Onlineshop http://codemeter.com/us). Therefore in this case the Certified Time is updated automatically.

Manual Update of the Certified Time

If the computer time was set to the future (e.g. to January 2009) licenses with time restriction (e.g. December 2008) can no longer be used, since the Box Time is automatically synchronised on plug-in of the CmStick. In such a case only an update of the Certified Time can set the Box Time back to the correct value. Afterwards you will again be able to use the license.

The update of the time can be triggered manually in the WebAdmin on the page Contents by pressing "Update".

Locking of CmSticks by the Timeserver

If a CmStick is lost or stolen it can be locked by WIBU-SYSTEMS. The locking of the CmStick is placed on the Timeserver and transferred to the CmStick when the CmSticks tries to update the Certified Time. To be able to use this security feature please register your CmStick now at my.codemeter.com.